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Report #:  9701   Status: Closed
Can't add a TDataModule to a DLL or ActiveX Library Project
Project:  Delphi Build #:  9.0.1761.24408
Version:    9.0 Submitted By:   Colin Wilson
Report Type:  Minor failure / Design problem Date Reported:  12/1/2004 9:37:18 AM
Severity:    Commonly encountered problem Last Updated: 3/20/2012 2:24:39 AM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:   227666
Resolution: Fixed (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : 10.0.2288.42451
Duplicate of:  None
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The DataModule is missing from when you have a library project open, and you select File/New/Other, and click on Delphi Projects/Delphi Files in the tree.

Fortunately you can use File/New/Customize...  to add the Data Module to the main 'New' menu - and you can then use it in a library project.  Otherwise I'd have given this fault a B/0 rating!
Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Create a new Service Application.

2.  Save it and compile it.

3.  Try to add a new Data Module by going to File/New/Other... and selecting the 'Delphi Files' section.

4.  There's no Data Module there!

////NOTE:  also cannot add Data Modules to Console Apps.

The workaround is to customize the File/New menu - which is unsatisfactory!

1.  Do File/Close All

2.  Do File New VCL Forms Application Delphi for Win32

3.  While this 'Forms' application is open, do File/New/Customize...  Click the 'Delphi Files' section, find 'Data Module' in the gallery items, and drag it to the menu.

4.  Do File/Close all, then reopen you service application you created in 'Steps'.

5.  Do File/New.  Notice that the Data Module appears on the menu.

Ralf Kaiser at 1/25/2005 1:04:25 PM -
It is even not possible to add a form or a frame to a DLL using the repository window (it is still possible to add these using the customized menu!). It seems that the object repository ist widely broken in D2005.

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