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Report From: Delphi-BCB/VCL/Styles    [ Add a report in this area ]  
Report #:  110289   Status: Open
With custom style, the ghost of scrollbar is displayed in TRichEdit
Project:  Delphi Build #:  17.0.4625.53395
Version:    17.0 Submitted By:   Jun HOSOKAWA
Report Type:  Basic functionality failure Date Reported:  11/8/2012 11:08:21 PM
Severity:    Serious / Highly visible problem Last Updated: 11/9/2012 5:53:59 AM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:   33439
Resolution: None (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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With custom style, even if lines of TRichEdit are cleared, scrollbar is still displayed.

First, please click Thum of a scroll bar several times.
Next, please push "Call RichEdit1.Lines.Clear".
The ghost of a scroll bar is displayed.

Moreover, there is also another problem.
Font.Color is not appropriately set up as you also noticed.

Moreover, since a background is smeared away by TRichEdit.Color when it scrolls, or when size is changed, it acts as Flick.
The solution of this sets StyleServices.GetStyleColor (scWindow) to TRichEdit.Color.
Please change the size of this window and check Flick.
Then, a lower button is pushed.
Please check that Flick does not get up.

Furthermore, if size is changed, there is also a problem that the character currently displayed is not redrawn correctly.
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Unzip attached file.
2. Open project1.dproj in "ProblemCode" folder.
3. Run | Run
4. Click and move scrollbar on RichEdit several times. (from 1 to 4 times)
5. Click [Call RichEdit1.Lined.Clear] button.
6. The ghost of scrollbar is displayed.


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