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Report From: Delphi-BCB/Compiler/C++    [ Add a report in this area ]  
Report #:  123721   Status: Resolved
[bcc32 Erreur fatale] F1014 Echec de l'allocation de SAVEmem
Project:  C++Builder Build #:  Embarcadero? C+
Version:    19.2 Submitted By:   Lehmann Olivier
Report Type:  Crash / Data loss / Total failure Date Reported:  4/1/2014 12:44:55 AM
Severity:    Infrequently encountered problem Last Updated: 5/13/2015 6:39:41 AM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:   55085
Resolution: Duplicate (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  124473
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5.00 out of 5
Total Votes: 15
As many people, I have this error after some build of my program :

"[bcc32 Fatal Error] F1014 Failed to allocate SAVEmem" and the "[bcc32 Error] "bcc32" exited with code 1."

The solution I have found :

close Embarcadero and then open it up again.

It's very difficult to work with this conditions !
Steps to Reproduce:
Compile and build many times until it happens !

Works on Windows 7 build 7601 SP 1 64bits...

Tomohiro Takahashi at 4/1/2014 5:02:32 AM -
What version(and build no) of C++Builder do you use, for example C++Builder XE5 Update2(19.0.14356.6604) etc...?

Tomohiro Takahashi at 4/1/2014 5:04:32 AM -
Is your issue same as QC#121408 ?

Clayton Arends at 2/10/2015 10:13:25 AM -
From my reading of that QC report this is exactly the same problem.  I believe an Embarcadero developer will need to work with someone experiencing this problem in order to reproduce.  My gut feeling is that the system configuration will be a big part of the cause.

Burkhard Schlimme at 5/26/2014 5:52:23 AM -
I get this error most if the firefox browser and Thunderbird runs before I start the IDE (XE6).

My system is Win7 64 bit with 12 GB RAM.

Emmanuel Li at 9/5/2014 11:56:30 PM -
I am the same case
without run any application, never no error of C++builder XE3,
Totally cannot use

Tomohiro Takahashi at 9/21/2014 6:21:32 PM -
This issue is same as QC#124473 etc.

Clayton Arends at 6/24/2015 7:14:28 AM -
I see that this report is still marked as a duplicate of QC#124473 which it is not.  I just installed XE8 and it's happening with a vanilla installation.

Clayton Arends at 2/10/2015 10:09:35 AM -
I don't believe these issues are the same.  They may have the same cause but memory use is far from maxed out when I experience this compilation problem.

The steps to produce this problem on my computer can simply be:
1. Launch IDE
2. Open a project
3. Build the project
4. Close project
5. Open a different project
6. Build the project
7. "Failed to allocate SAVEmem"

Niccolò Sgaravatti at 2/6/2015 1:42:36 AM -
I got this error very often as well,
I'm using Rad Studio XE3, i'm rewrite my project from VCL with Intraweb CGDEVTools, after some compilation attempts it happens.
It happens more often if i render the Intraweb forms in the designer,
and also it's related to the amount of intraweb forms i already opened and rendered in the designer, and to how many controls are rendered.
Also, it is different if i choose the "Chromium" or "Explorer" renderer, the latter makes more likely the error shows up.

Also, i'm trying to migrate to XE7, mainly because it's difficult to work under this conditions, but still, even with XE7 trial, the bcb32 exited with code 1 shows up.

Clayton Arends at 2/10/2015 10:05:57 AM -
I'll throw my $0.02 into this report.

I never used XE3 so do not know if I would have experienced the problem there as well.  However, I do use XE4 and XE7 and experience the problem in both IDEs.  All of my coworkers experience the problem.  I did not experience this issue in RAD2009.

Most of the time this problem happens after I close a project and open a different one.  It sometimes happens when I first launch the IDE.  I sometimes avoid the problem by using "File | Reopen project" rather then "File | Open project".  It's not a sure-fire fix, however.

My specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Intel i7 Quad Core
Single 250GB SSD
Chrome browser (I do not use firefox like others have reported)

Some of my coworkers think it may be related to having Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync installed and running.  I'm not sure about this but figured I'd mention it in case others have similar setups.

Raymond Jenkins at 4/23/2015 10:03:06 AM -
We have been having this same issue for some time now, its followed us from XE5 through XE7.

We find that it most often happens when a we try to compile a C++ Builder project after compiling one or more delphi projects. But, it will sometimes on a reboot of the ide crash first thing too.

Raymond Jenkins at 4/23/2015 10:04:11 AM -
Btw, this is getting very annoying.

Brian Plotkin at 6/2/2015 9:29:57 AM -
This was happening to me in XE7 and now that I am on XE8 ... it's still happening.

Very annoying.

Piotr Piaseczny at 7/13/2015 6:19:41 PM -
I spent a lot of money on this product (6/2007/XE2/XE5/XE8),
many hours searching for the solution, I used many computers and configurations.
The result is the only one: this error is immortal...

Ashleigh Quick at 7/30/2015 6:50:36 PM -
I have the same issue now and again using XE8 (not update 1).

I have had this issue since at least XE (and including XE3, which I have just migrated from).

A resolution please (not "duplicate".... a real fix!)

Ashleigh Quick at 7/30/2015 6:56:02 PM -
More information. The linked issue (which this is reported as being a duplicate of) IS NOT THE CASE.

That is, this IS NOT a duplicate of the linked issue, which is about a memory leak.

This issue is about "Failed to allocate SAVEMEM".

In my case, running XE8 (not update 1), I get the error when trying to do a C++ compilation of one small class - I don't get this every time, just now and again.

Using process explorer, I see that the BDS process has a private bytes count 363,636K and working set 242,544K. These are big, but there is plenty of memory left - the machine has a commit charge of 44$ and physical usage 48%. 3GB memory, 1.6 GB available... loads of spare memory.

To repeat: this is not a memory leak, it's not related to the linked "duplicate" issue of memory leaks, its something else that has been in all the products for a long time and we would like a proper fix please, not a fobbing off.

Gerhard Stoltz at 8/5/2015 8:25:01 PM -
The 32bit IDE is addressing 2G memory only and with larger ERP projects and components loaded you will easily chew it up.

Use Jomitech Twine Compiler to compile small to very larger projects flawlessly. Without it you cannot be productive. It will flawlessly compile any size project.

Piotr Piaseczny at 8/31/2015 7:04:59 PM -
I'm shocked - it really works.
I've tested this solution (Jomitech something) with extra large projects in XE2, XE5, XE8.
There is still one trouble when using PCH files and precompiled headers - but without it NO SAVEMEM ERROR AT ALL.

So many years with unsolvable problem - till now.
What took you so long before publishing this post...

Gerhard Stoltz at 8/5/2015 10:56:12 PM -
Debug information chews up the minimum memory.

Also - try to eliminate as much debug information as possible or unnecessary 3rd party modules.

Try installing extras that comes with the IDE.

For instance, if you install DevExpress with debug information, the compiler is not going to handle it.

Gerhard Stoltz at 8/5/2015 10:58:49 PM -
*Try un-installing..."

Michael Bondo Andersen at 10/25/2015 4:25:20 PM -
Just to confirm, I had the same error, but using Jomitech Twine Compiler seems to work pretty well

BR Michael

Emanuele Coli at 8/31/2016 12:11:02 AM -
Accidenti!!! Io però c++ XE8 l'ho pagato con € bug free!
(Translate: my money used to pay c++ X8 is bug free!)

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