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Report From: Delphi-BCB/Database/DataSnap/Server    [ Add a report in this area ]  
Report #:  130358   Status: Open
DataSnapServer happen Access violation error when TServerMethods inherited TDSServerModule
Project:  Delphi Build #:  21.0.17707.5020
Version:    21.0 Submitted By:   hqun zhu
Report Type:  Basic functionality failure Date Reported:  3/4/2015 12:49:50 AM
Severity:    Serious / Highly visible problem Last Updated: 7/13/2015 4:08:59 AM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:   65068
Resolution: None (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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create DataSnap Server as wizard, TServerMethods is:

  TServerMethods1 = class(TDSServerModule)
    { Private declarations }
    { Public declarations }
    function EchoString(Value: string): string;
    function ReverseString(Value: string): string;


use ab.exe test, server happen accesss violation error.

but TServerMethods1 = class(TDataModule) or TComponent, it is ok
Steps to Reproduce:
see attachments.
1. create DataSnap Server as wizard, and select Http, ServerMethod ancestor is TDSServerModule
2. run it(not in delphi)
3. run abTest.bat, or ab -n 10000 -c 20 iexplorer, and input:
5.refresh ie continue
6. after a moment has error: {"error":"Access violation at address 00423828 in module 'TestConcurrencyServer.exe'. Read of address 0000002C"}

7. create anothor DataSnap Server as wizard, and select Http, ServerMethod ancestor is TDataModule or TCompoent,
repeat 2-6, it is ok

1. my Notebook HP450, 8GMemory, cpu i5-3210M @ 2.50GHz 2.50GHz, win7x64
2. if run in delphi(debug), need increase requests(-n) and  concurrency(-c), for example:
    ab -n 90000 -c 40
3. if test pc is better than me, perhaps need need increase requests(-n) and  concurrency(-c)


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