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Report #:  31307   Status: Closed
Debugger dead locks...
Project:  Delphi Build #:  10.0.2288.42451
Version:    10.0 Submitted By:   Janez Atmapuri Makovsek
Report Type:  Crash / Data loss / Total failure Date Reported:  7/16/2006 9:58:26 AM
Severity:    Critical / Show Stopper Last Updated: 11/21/2006 12:14:53 PM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:  
Resolution: Test Case Error (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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After some times playing with the issue when the debugger
just deadlocks when stepping through in Delphi.W32 code I came to notice the following:

1.) It happens when debugging inside a thread.
My IDE deadlocks, CTRL+ALT+DEL is frozen also
and i have to pull the plug on the PC.

Thats a pretty bad deadlock. The deadlock of this
severity happens only on my notebook which has only
one CPU without hyperthreading,

On my desktop, I can use Task manager to kill the IDE.
(probably due to hyperthreaded CPU.

I turned on classic undocked desktop and the problem
seems to be gone... (?)

It feels that the problem is tightly associated with
screen refresh of the docked windows...


Steps to Reproduce:
1.) Place a breakpoint within Delphi.W32 project
within a separate thread.
2.) Define a few watches and step through.

1.) Use a PC without hyperthreading and with
only one core.
2) Used docked debug layout.

Expected: The IDE will deadlock very soon.

Roddy Pratt at 7/16/2006 2:04:45 PM -
I occasionally see something similar with my AMD64 processor: what processor do you have?

Sam Firouz at 7/17/2006 7:06:33 AM -
The system hang happens in C++ personality too. I Only have AMD processors with no HT. In my case even Mouse does not move and the reset button is the only way out. I have a test case that uses Direct 3D that I will try to load. (if it QC lets me)

Registered User at 7/17/2006 12:06:11 PM -
I have also witnessed this problem relatively frequently, but only when running XP - Windows 2000 was fine, but when I changed computers, it hangs when debugging. This has been the case on 3 computers so far, all running XP.

The operating system locks right up to having to power off the machine - everything crawls to an almost dead stop. If you ctrl-alt-del and bring up up the task list, it comes up, but verrrrrry slowly (about 2-5 minutes) and lists all current applications as "not responding".

I have yet to come up with a set of circumstances that reproduces the bug with 100% reliability, but the following seems to cause it to happen more frequently:

1) run on an XP system (appears to be a requirement)
2) dynamically create a thread in your application
3) allocate and execute an instantiation of this thread
4) set a breakpoint in this thread which will be hit several times throughout the life of the thread
5) when it hits the breakpoint, press F9 to continue

This appears to cause the problem to occur relatively often (sometimes only about 10 times required before the whole system locks up), but seems to occur more often when I have a bug fix with a tight deadline.

Registered User at 9/3/2006 5:03:15 AM -
I am also having problems with the debugger locking up when running on my laptop which is a centrino duo (thinkpad). The problem occurs so frequently that it is almost impossible to use the debugger! I had to kill the IDE with task manager about 28 time just in the last few hours. I will try debugging on another single processor machine and report back.

Leo Siefert at 9/5/2006 6:16:30 AM -
Can one of you provide a project which will demo the issue?  Best if it would do so on any hardware, but if it is hw-specific, then please give details on the hardware config.

Florent Ouchet at 10/19/2006 12:44:33 PM -
Please provide a simple application and/or detailled steps to reproduce.

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