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ECO and ASP.NET : Authentication and Authorization by Holger Flick
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ECO and ASP.NET : Authentication and Authorization by Holger Flick
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Intermediate
ABSTRACT: ASP.NET comes with support to implement authentication and authorization out-of-the-box. However, administration is not very comfortable  using the standard classes. In this session I will show you how you can still use the classes provided in the framework and also bring ECO into play to make it much more comfortable to maintain your application and give it a maximum of flexibility.
In this session we will build a model that manages user credentials and another model that handles access of users to certain content. Demonstration will include building an ASP.NET application that supports user authentication  and authorization to certain content. In addition to a login page, a administrative interface will be developed step-by-step that shows you the advantage of combining the ECO model with the ASP.NET application.

SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Holger Flick, born and living in Germany, studies Computer Science at the University of Dortmund, Germany. His major subjects at University include Logical Systems, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence (esp. data mining with focus on Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Modelling), Systems Analysis and Evolutionary Computation. He will graduate with diploma later this year as he writes his thesis at the Chair for Artificial Intelligence at the moment. Next to his work at University his major interest is Borland's ECO, which helped him develop client as well as web applications. At the moment, he works on a web site that is administrated using a Content Management System in connection with an ECO ASP.NET application.
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