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Pair Programming by Rob Park
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Pair Programming by Rob Park
TYPE: Regular Session
PREREQUISITES: Object oriented development and unit testing
ABSTRACT: We will discuss several myths that surround pair programming, such as  it will take you twice as long to get anything done  and  it only works with senior developers .  Highly disciplined agile teams love pair programming, because of how it keeps them on track and keeps their quality high.

We will start by defining a fictional problem with user stories.  And then we will demonstrate by doing some test-driven development using the concept of design, test, code, and repeat.  We will cover the basics of unit testing and test-driven development and then we will demonstrate how pair programming enables these more effectively.

We will discuss the details of the roles of the pairs, which can take different forms depending primarily on the skill levels of the pairs.  Generally, there is a driver and a navigator.  Through demonstration and discussion we will cover many circumstances and their impact on the function of each pair.

We will discuss how those of us who pair program regularly in our everyday work often find it difficult to code solo anymore.  Not that we can t, but the experience has shown us how much better our quality can be with a pair and how difficult it is to slow down and wear both pairing hats alone.

SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: I have been a software engineer, technical manager, architect, and coach for over 15 years working in multiple languages.  Currently, I am working on multiple Windows applications in Delphi that are used by over 2000 clients nationwide.
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