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A Delphi Development Framework: Service Level Components  by Isaac Prado Amores
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A Delphi Development Framework: Service Level Components  by Isaac Prado Amores
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: DELPHI, DataSnap, Distributed, UML, classic design patterns, sofware architectures, Intraweb, RemObjects, TSILang.
ABSTRACT: At Chasecooper we have designed a Delphi based development framework. Its main aims are to increase both productivity and quality. This is achieved in two ways: 1)A architecture of service level components 2) Guidelines and Best Practices to implement business logic as modular and reusable components.

The presentation covers the  architecture of service level components . It's an architecture for Delphi based, web distributed applications that provides with a set of non functional services for Security, Internationalisation, DB connectivity, transaction management etc...

Parts of the presentation:
1) Background: The presentation will begin explaining the motivations we had for designing this base architecture.

2) Services: It will introduce the different services provided by the architecture. For each service we will introduce the components designed to meet that requirement, its responsibilities and the way they collaborate.

When required, we will also mention which technologies we have used to implement some of those services (DataSnap, RemObjects, Intraweb etc...).

3) Benefits: Explanation of benefits of using this architecture, always properly documented and using justifications (for example, when explained why the architecture is scalable I will also provide with relevant performance test results).
4) Demonstration: it's a 10 minutes prerecorded video (flash format) of a sample use case implementation using the architecture from the developer perspective.

SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Currently working as Lead Developer for Chasecooper, responsible for designing the reference architecture and setting up the guidelines and best practices for Delphi based products.

In the past I have worked several years for Oviedo University in different major projects leading and coordinating the development and support teams.
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