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Accepting Payments via Google Checkout by Jason Southwell
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Accepting Payments via Google Checkout by Jason Southwell
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Beginning
ABSTRACT: In this session we will explore the new Google Checkout service and discuss the various integration options for your web applications.  

We will begin by quickly talking about how the service works and the advantages and disadvantages compared to other merchant processing methods.  We will cover the detailed fraud protection mechanisms provided by the service as well as protections provided to the merchant.  

To leave no company or person behind, Google has tailored their service to accommodate the greatest range of potential merchant.  Their integration is flexible enough to cover a single person selling a simple product through to the most complex cart-driven websites with thousands of products for sale.  

To start looking into the Checkout service, we will investigate the simplest integration method, the  Buy Now  button.  This method allows one-click purchasing on simple websites which have a single product to purchase.  We will build a simple webpage illustrating the use of the button and how it easily e-commerce enables your site.

Since most websites have more complex requirements, we will move on to discussing the Google Checkout API which provides for complex and seamless integration of the Checkout service into your website.  Depending on your needs, Google provides for two levels of API integration.  We will begin by looking at the most simple of the two which provides for processing an entire shopping cart with email notification of the outcome of the sale.  To illustrate this simple integration, we will build a sample shopping cart and link it to Google Checkout.  The sample will be configured to a test environment so that we can walk a test transaction through the entire sale process.  

Next we will show a more complicated level of integration with the API which provides for a very tight integration with Google throughout the entire sale and checkout process.  The Checkout API will constantly notify your web application of each stage of the order process, including success or failure of the order. We will look at how to handle each notification message received from Google.  An example will be shown for Intraweb, WebBroker and ASP.NET.

Additional integration points permit custom calculation of sales taxes, shipping and handling charges, package tracking information in addition to more basic features like credits and chargebacks.  We will cover how the API provides hooks for each of those as well as where we might add these features to our sample application.
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Jason Southwell is the president of Arcana Technologies and is a respected author and speaker on topics such as Borland Delphi, Atozed IntraWeb, and general Internet development. He is an Atozed A-Team member and has developed many popular third party IntraWeb components, web applications, vertical market products and other Internet technology.
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