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DelosMail: The Largest Web Application Built with XMLRAD by Jerome Vollet
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DelosMail: The Largest Web Application Built with XMLRAD by Jerome Vollet
TYPE: Case Study
LEVEL: Advanced
PREREQUISITES: Web architecture
ABSTRACT: During this session I will reveal the internals of the largest web application in production: both programming techniques and server architecture.
DelosMail is a WebMail + CRM information system for SOHO to large companies. DelosMail is operated by ASP (Application Service Providers) and is running over 1 million users.
DelosMail has been built in 1999 with XMLRAD.
The web application server is 500+ webforms built with XML + XSL, and over 2000 webservices (500 public + 1500 private).
DelosMail has been built using Delphi + XMLRAD.
DelosMail is currently operated as an 32 bits ISAPI DLLs running on Windows 2003 servers 64 bits edition with MSSQL 2005 64 bits.
The session will describe the architecture of such huge project: organization of web forms and business services in modules. Source tree will be exposed. The choice of Data Driven Architecture for the application server will be explained. The choice of description of all services as XML versus coding will also be explained.
2 major processes will be demonstrated using the Data Driven Debugger integrated in XMLRAD.
Profiling of such large application will be explained using the integrated profiler of XMLRAD.
Internals of the high performance http pipeline will be exposed to explain how DelosMail can handle high concurrency of execution on production servers.
This session is revealing what everybody would like to discover from a major ASP running billions of http requests in web farm.
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: R&D CTO for the past 10 years
Delphi Certified Developer since 1996
Pascal developer for the past 18 years
XMLRAD contributor
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