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Integrating Delphi and C++Builder Code with Visual C++ Projects by Boian Mitov
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Integrating Delphi and C++Builder Code with Visual C++ Projects by Boian Mitov
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Advanced
PREREQUISITES: Delphi or C++ Builder and some Visual C++ MFC.
ABSTRACT: 1. Why we have to work in mixed environment.
2. MFC concepts.
3. Creating a VCL component from VC++.
4. setting VCL properties.
5. Calling VCL functions.
6. Setting callback events.
7. Real world demos.
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Professional Experience:

   21 years of overall programming and hardware experience.
   16 years of C++ development under different development environments and OS.
   9 years of C++ Builder
   6 year of Delphi experience.
   Various Windows applications and embedded solutions.
   Many advanced VCL designs, some of them available for free download with sources from
   Author of the OpenWire technology:
   Author of the VideoLab, SignalLab, AudioLab, and VisionLab libraries:
   Author of the  VCL for Visual C++  technology:

06/2004   Present
  Independent Software consultant, Moorpark, CA
Independent Software Consultant
   Development of an enhanced real time Audio, Signal processing, Video Imaging, and Computer Vision libraries based on OpenWire. ( VCL, OpenWire, Delphi, C++Builder, Visual C++, DirectShow, DMO, VFW, WaveAPI, ACM ).
   Development of an OPC library based on OpenWire. ( OPC, VCL, OpenWire, Delphi, C++Builder  ).
   Development of a VCL   BPI PlugIn based LabView like development environment. ( VCL, OpenWire, Delphi, C++Builder  ).
   Video image processing applications (Delphi).
   DirectShow filters and Windows Media Player PlugIns ( Visual C++, Delphi )
   ANSI C++ based OpenWire type libraries for data acquisition and DSP boards.
   Development of Visual C++ MFC VCL integration technology. ( Visual C++ )
   Development of .NET Win32.VCL integration technology. ( Visual C++/CLI )

04/2003   06/2004
  Avatar Group, Moorpark, CA
Senior Software Engineer
   Development of proprietary multi-tier productivity management system. ( C++ Builder ).
   Development of HLLAPI and Windows event monitor. ( C++ Builder ).

01/2003   04/2003
  Independent Software consultant, Moorpark, CA
Independent Software Consultant
   Development of Game 3D manipulation libraries. ( Delphi ).
   Development of proprietary multi-tier productivity management system. ( C++ Builder ).

07/2002   01/2003
  Vasocor, Charleston, SC
Independent Software Consultant
   Development of new generation cardiovascular devices. ( VCL, C++ Builder, USB, Serial Port ).

07/2000 - 06/2002
  Innovative Integration, Simi Valley, CA
Senior Software Engineer
   WindowsNT/95/98/2K/XP Real time data and video acquisition processing   software.  ( VCL/CLX, C++ Builder, Delphi, VC++, LabView, OpenWire)
   Windows 2000 / NT device drivers for fast data acquisition / processing boards. ( DriverWorks / NT/2000 DDK Visual C++ )
   Development of VCL components for data and video acquisition / processing.
   Embedded solutions for TI DSP ( TI Code Composer, DSP/BIOS )
   OpenWire - open source technology for VCL/CLX data and event exchange.
   Professional scanning and image processing application.
   Internet based Client / Server applications. CGI Scripts.

09/1999 - 07/2000
  Johnson Controls (Electronics Systems USA), Louisville, KY
Software engineer
   WindowsNT/95/98 Building Automation and Security applications & servers  (C++ Builder, BACNet, OPC, DCOM )
   Specialized TCP/IP servers.

09/1996 - 08/1999
  Rockwell, EC, Wood Dale, IL
Software engineer
   WindowsNT/95/98 Client/Server & IDE applications (C++ Builder, VC++), Advanced VCL design ( Samples available at ), SNMP Agent, TAPI, COM, DCOM, SQL., InstallShield, C++ Builder Experts.
   Embedded real time programming for 680xx ( Microware OS-9 C, TL1 ).
   UNIX applications ( C / C++ )  ( C / C++ Parsing and code translating tools )

12/1990 - 06/1996
  AEGIS, Sofia, BG
Software & Hardware engineer
   development of software for controlling high temperature test stations.
   Data base application for equipment location and financial management (Delphi)
   development of software for industrial  weigh controls of automobiles and a new generation of accurate industrial mixers incl. DB management. (Code Base + Borland C++ 3.1)
   development of software for  PC based telex  adapter.
   Internal Circuit Emulator for Z80. Borland C++ 4.5, OWL 2.0, PLD
   disk controllers for 3.5  FDU & Real time clock for 8 Bits computers. (Assembler 6502)
   EPROM Programmers and Industrial testers.
   Two large object oriented C++ libraries for graphic & text mode user interface and real time processing control. (Borland C++ 3.1)

01/1990 - 11/1990
  Sofia University of Technology - Dept. of Microelectronics
Internal Circuit technician
   design of tester and prototype of processor hybrid IC for control of radio stations

09/1987 - 09/1989
   design of specialized computer with radio communication circuits for managing fire power of artillery units

03/1985   07/1987
  BUSOFT, Bourgas, BG
Software engineer
   laboratory and industrial testers

Technical school of industrial chemistry  N.Zelinski

Subject : Industrial Automation

Two national prizes for design of development systems for cybernetic models
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