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Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow by McMichael Patrick
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Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow by McMichael Patrick
TYPE: Preconference Tutorial
LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: Java SE, Some exposure to Java web development
ABSTRACT: When it comes to the Java backend, POJOs and dependency injection are the name of the game today.  It is ironic then, that many developers are still using the MVC frameworks of the past for their web development.  Why try to force an unnatural union between traditional web frameworks and POJO-centric, IoC-based platforms like Spring and Java EE 5?  Wouldn t it make more sense to tap into a web development framework built from the ground up to live in a POJO/dependency injection world?

This session will equip you to leverage the powerful Spring MVC framework to simplify and improve the architecture of your Java web apps.  In addition, you will learn how to use Spring Web Flow to easily create multi-screen, dynamic-path user workflows, a task which Java web applications have traditionally handled less than gracefully and at the expense of peppering navigation logic throughout the controller tier.

Topics will Include:

* Spring MVC Architectural Overview
* A deeper dive into Spring MVC Controller classes
* Pluggable View Technologies with Spring MVC
* Front-end validation with Spring MVC

* Flow Scope - the missing ingredient in traditional Java Web Apps
* Keeping navigational logic OUT OF your controllers
* Branching flows
* Reusable sub flows
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: As a senior Java architect with Pillar Technology Group, Patrick has enjoyed the opportunity of helping some of the nation's leading companies successfully leverage the Java platform for large-scale, mission critical enterprise applications. His current work involves the migration of multiple legacy applications onto the Java platform, and the convergence of these same apps in support of the client's strategic business vision. Patrick has a Masters in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University, where he specialized in OOAD and distributed computing. Last, but not least, Patrick has a lovely wife of eight years, as well as a delightful daughter, the two ladies of his life.
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