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Going With the Flow by McMichael Patrick
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Going With the Flow by McMichael Patrick
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: Java SE, Some exposure to Java web development
ABSTRACT: In this session you will learn how to use Spring Web Flow to easily create dynamic, multi-step user workflows, a task which Java web apps have traditionally handled less than gracefully and at the expense of peppering navigation logic throughout the controller tier.

Traditional Java web applications have dealt with simple, free-form navigation just fine.  What about those times, however, when you need to take the user through a predefined flow, such as a multi-step wizard?  How about a flow with conditional branching?  Traditional Java web apps and frameworks have struggled with these types of requirements.  

Such scenarios also raise the issue of object scope for user workflows.  Ever wish you had a way to keep an object around longer than request scope (i.e. for a few screens  worth of work) without either stuffing it in session or playing games with the data your HTML forms must POST across pages?  

Come and see how Spring Web Flow addresses these kinds of issues simply and elegantly.

Topics will include:

* Spring Web Flow -- the unique issues it addresses
* When to use it, and when it's overkill
* Flow design -- from statechart diagram to flow definition
* Controller logic with Spring Web Flow
* Tying into the backend
* What about view rendering?
* Identifying and extracting reusable sub flows
* Tracking flow state

SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: As a senior Java architect with Pillar Technology Group, Patrick has enjoyed the opportunity of helping some of the nation's leading companies successfully leverage the Java platform for large-scale, mission critical enterprise applications. His current work involves the migration of multiple legacy applications onto the Java platform, and the convergence of these same apps in support of the client's strategic business vision. Patrick has a Masters in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University, where he specialized in OOAD and distributed computing. Last, but not least, Patrick has a lovely wife of eight years, as well as a delightful daughter, the two ladies of his life.
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