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Internet Protocols by Jim McKeeth
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Internet Protocols by Jim McKeeth
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: Understanding of socket programming, preferably with Indy.
ABSTRACT: This session is about the protocols that make up the internet.  Indy is covered, but it is not the primary focus, most any other socket set could also apply.  This is an under the hood type session, very nuts and bolts.

Telnet - General, bi-directional, communications facility

STD 8, RFC 854, RFC 855

Functions ^]
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTP/1.0 vs. HTTP/1.1

RFC 2616




Status Codes

Server side example

Client side example
FTP - File Transfer Protocol

RFC 959

Active vs. Passive


File transfers

Client side example
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

RFC 821 & RFC 2821

DNS and MX Records

Client Example

Server Example

Serverless client Example
POP3 - Post Office Protocol 3

RFC 1939 "Post Office Protocol - Version 3"

RFC 2449 "POP3 Extension Mechanism"

RFC 1734 "POP3 AUTHentication command"

Client Example

Server Example

After completion of this session the attendee will be comfortable building and debugging clients and some servers for the covered protocols.
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Jim McKeeth is a software developer with over 15 years of experience in developing software and building online communities. He runs the Boise Software Developers Group, Idaho s longest running group of its kind. Jim works at Washington Group International as a Senior Software Engineer. He is a certified trainer and has shared the stage with some of the top trainers on the continent. Jim maintains a number of successful blogs and enjoys spending time with his wonderful family.
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