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Coding Competition by Jim McKeeth
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Coding Competition by Jim McKeeth
TYPE: Panel Discussion
PREREQUISITES: A sense of humor
ABSTRACT: A light, entertaining session where individual developers will compete against each other in programming events.  The goal will be to have fun, but we might even learn a few things too. Events will be selected based on logistics and other factors.

Possible events include:

Algorithm Development - Individuals will be giving a specification for an algorithm and then they will attempt to develop a solution.  Scoring will be on time taken to develop, performance of the algorithm, and elegance of the code.

Delphi Robots - Preprogrammed robots will do battle in a 3D arena.  Contestants will be allowed to tweak their robots between rounds.  The winning robots will have their code shared with everyone.

Test Driven Development - Contestants will be given a unit test in DCU format.  Their mission is to pass the test in as little time as possible without seeing the code in the unit test.

Delphi Trivia - Technical and non-technical trivia questions to stump the Delphi guru.  

A call will be given out ahead of time for anyone interested in competing, especially in the Delphi Robots one so they can have time to prepare a robot - then when they arrive at the conference they can find out what their robots rank was so that they can tweak it before the finals begin.  Only the top robots will compete in the finals.

Things will be fast moving and fun so the audience doesn't get board.  

Ideally there would be two competitions for some of the different events.  One competition would be between random volunteers from the audience, while the other would be involving "Delphi Super Stars" which would include other conference presenters, and R&D team members.

There could be betting of Borland Bucks (or whatever they are called this year) on the winners.  There will also be prizes for competitors and especially the winners.
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Jim McKeeth is a software developer with over 15 years of experience in developing software and building online communities. He runs the Boise Software Developers Group, Idaho s longest running group of its kind. Jim works at Washington Group International as a Senior Software Engineer. He is a certified trainer and has shared the stage with some of the top trainers on the continent. Jim maintains a number of successful blogs and enjoys spending time with his wonderful family.
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