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Oracle at Delphi by Jim McKeeth
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Oracle at Delphi by Jim McKeeth
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Advanced
PREREQUISITES: Familiarity with Oracle and Database Development using Delphi
ABSTRACT: Oracle is the Big Iron of databases. This session will mainly focus on how to take advantage of some of Oracle's more powerful and complex features. While the main focus will be Oracle with Delphi developers of other languages will be able to gain something from this session.

Oracle provides a very descriptive data dictionary, but it doesn't do a developer any good if they don't know their way around in it. After a short overview of the data dictionary we will look closely at what kind of data you can get and how to find it. Then we will look at some complex queries which provide some very useful information about your database.

Oracle has a very useful programming language that extends SQL. A quick overview will help developers start to take advantage of programming inside the database.

Histories of Delphi and Oracle
Where Delphi got its name
Inside Oracle's Data Dictionary

DBA, USER and ALL views

Getting the data model

Retrieving from Delphi

Writing from Delphi

Compiling from Delphi

Programming in Oracle
Stored Procedures

.NET Stored procedures
Stored Functions
Calling Delphi from Oracle

From triggers

From stored procedures
Complex calls

After the completion of this session attendees will be ready to take advantage of this advanced functionality of Oracle from Delphi.
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Jim McKeeth is a software developer with over 15 years of experience in developing software and building online communities. He runs the Boise Software Developers Group, Idaho s longest running group of its kind. Jim works at Washington Group International as a Senior Software Engineer. He is a certified trainer and has shared the stage with some of the top trainers on the continent. Jim maintains a number of successful blogs and enjoys spending time with his wonderful family.
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