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Let Go of Your Desk and Go Mobile! by Karl-Otto Rosenqvist
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Let Go of Your Desk and Go Mobile! by Karl-Otto Rosenqvist
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Beginning
ABSTRACT: I'll start off with some slides that describes the market shares the major OS's possess today which can be critical depending on what type of audience that you plan to target.

The next step is to describe what tools I've used and what to consider before investments are made.

I'll continue with the different mobile-related modules that I've created and when Delphi did make life easier and when it didn't.

What did I base my decisions on? Are these facts relevant in your situation?

Why go mobile? I'll tell you about the various reasons for the different projects I've developed.

SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: I'm a visually impaired Software Engeneer that started off in School with Turbo Pascal 5.5.
One of our teachers saw a presentation of Delphi early 1995
and told us that we should look at it.
I love spending time with my wife and kids, and late night programming.
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