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Cross-platform InterBase using Windows and Linux by Tom Wilk
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Cross-platform InterBase using Windows and Linux by Tom Wilk
TYPE: Regular Session
LEVEL: Beginning
PREREQUISITES: Familiarity with InterBase
ABSTRACT: This session will provide the attendee with practical tips and tricks for porting InterBase databases from Windows to Linux.  

We will also discuss:

1. Why Linux is an excellent database platform choice for InterBase from an architecture and flexibility perspective.

2. We will discuss choosing a Linux file system for InterBase and why some filesystems are better for databases than others.

3. We will go review useful scripts for backing up databases on Windows and restoring them on Linux.

4. We will examine useful scripts for changing UDF entry points between platform implementations, as sometimes an existing UDF is not available on both platforms.

5. Practical advice on existing cross-platform UDF libraries.

6. I will demonstrate building a cross-platform UDF in C using GCC (and perhaps Borland C++).  I will also provide references to existing resources on building cross-platform UDF libraries.

7.  Question and Answer session at the end.
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