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Report #:  36635   Status: Closed
Impossibility to see the results
Project:   Build #:  10.0.2288.42451
Version:    10.0 Submitted By:   Fabricio Araujo
Report Type:  Basic functionality failure Date Reported:  11/16/2006 3:20:26 AM
Severity:    Commonly encountered problem Last Updated: 3/20/2012 2:24:39 AM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:   243227
Resolution: Feature Removed (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: :
Duplicate of:  None
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IN VCL.NET, when I have a loop of components to set up some things in my form - I put a watch and it simply reports 'expression syntax error'
Steps to Reproduce:
Consider the following procedure:

function TSomeForm.ComponentLoop(pLookTag:Integer):Boolean;
var i:Integer;
   for I :=0  to ComponentCount-1 do
      J := Components[i];
      If Pos('TDB', UpperCase(J.Classname))<>0 then
      (*more code*)

Put the program to run and put the following watch:


You get on the watch window:
  J.ClassName: (compiler error) Expression Syntax Error

What I can do about it?


Florent Ouchet at 11/16/2006 1:52:36 PM -
Isn't it "J.ClassName" in the code and watch?

Fabricio Araujo at 11/24/2006 9:03:15 AM -
Is my mistake, it's J.ClassName instead of I.className

Florent Ouchet at 11/26/2006 2:14:33 PM -
Okay, just modified the steps and promoted the issue.

Alexander Zencovich at 12/2/2006 1:08:21 PM -
I could not watch any class property value when there is non-field based property (read access via function call like get_Property() instead of FProperty)

When property value can be accessed like read FProperty debuger works. If read vai get_Property() (or any function call) - no way to see property value.

Like example

procedure DoSomething (List : TList)
if List.COunt > 0 then

In that procedure is impossible to watch List.Count in another way except
var i := List.Count - assign property value to local variable

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