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Report From: JBuilder 2007/DSIB - Liferay configuration    [ Add a report in this area ]  
Report #:  39784   Status: Open
DE: ProjectAssist installer does not commit project files to SVN repository at second time
Project:  JBuilder 2007 Build #:  
Version:    2007 1.0 Submitted By:   QC<->JB Replicator
Report Type:  Date Reported:  1/10/2007 4:17:36 PM
Severity:    Commonly encountered problem Last Updated: 3/20/2012 2:24:39 AM
Platform:    Windows XP Internal Tracking #:   1942
Resolution: None  Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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1. Launch German JBuilder 2007 (Peloton) under German locale
2. Create ProjectAssist file
3. Set Bugzilla SMTP server
4. Add one developer
5. Set mail notification
6. Install ProjectAssist
//exp & act: ProjectAssist is installed without error.
7. Add a user and project to ProjectAssist file
8. Install ProjectAssist
//exp: ProjectAssist is installed without error.
//act: The project is failed to be checked in Subversion.
//act: Error dialog is displayed.
> Das Projekt "AnotherProject" wurde nichit zu Continuum hochgeladen
> Fehler beim Hinzufügen des Portlets "Build-Status" für Projekt "AnotherProject"

(15:20:58:453) Warten auf Ausführung von C:\peloton\eclipse\jbuilder\eclipse\plugins\com.borland.dsib.svn_1.0.0.v20070106_0025\components\SVN1_4\bin\svn.exe commit -m "Projekt wird hinzugefügt AnotherProject" --non-interactive --username ptest1 --password *******  
(15:20:58:656) Befehl vollständig; exitCode=1
(15:20:58:656) svn: Commit failed (details follow):
(15:20:58:656) svn: Safe data 'Projekt wird hinzugef' was followed by non-ASCII byte 252: unable to convert to/from UTF-8
(15:20:58:656) Datei bereits festgeschrieben "c:\borland\projectassistdata\projects\AnotherProject"
Steps to Reproduce:


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