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Report #:  4063   Status: Open
No Websnap DSOs on any german SuSE Linux possible
Project:  Kylix Build #:  3.4.186
Version:    3.0 Submitted By:   Jochen Staerk
Report Type:  Basic functionality failure Date Reported:  4/8/2003 1:21:54 AM
Severity:    Serious / Highly visible problem Last Updated: 3/20/2012 2:24:39 AM
Platform:    Kylix C++ IDE Internal Tracking #:   174944
Resolution: None  Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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4.00 out of 5
Total Votes: 20
Any WebSnap DSO written in Kylix for C++ german version causes Apache 1.3 to crash with a Sigserv. The same DSO written in Kylix for Delphi works. A Web-Service DSO also seems to work.

This problem is reproducible on different systems by different users.

This problem originally occurred with Frank Gunzer (, who is, just like me, an external employee of Borland. Despite my community entry, I'm also We tested it on Suse 7.2, 7.3, 8.1 and 8.2, with a custom-compiled apache 1.3.16 and 1.3.22 with the german Kylix version and with the english Trial, both in german LOCALEs and in english ones. It was reported e.g. to before he left to Q/A .Net. Now this problem also occurs at a customer's.
Steps to Reproduce:
* Use a german SuSE
* Compile an Apache 1.3 as in the instructions in the manual
* Start Kylix for C++
* start a new Web-Snap-DSO-Project
* do a hello-world-websnap demo, like making a TAdapterPageProducter connect to a DataSetAdapter, accessing a simple table by a sqlconnection and sqlclientdataset
* edit your httpd.conf conforming to the manual and the instructions in the project file
* start apache
* see your web server crash

Jochen Staerk at 4/9/2003 11:21:37 AM -
Ruediger Haegele was so kind to mail me some steps he tried after his Kylix would not work on Suse:

1. got RedHat 7.3
2. installed it with german locales
3. installed Kylix 3 german
4. compiled Apache 1.3.27 with DSO-Support
5. Symlinked the Borland-Libs /usr/local/kylix3/bin/... in /usr/lib erstellt
(because it won't work with + ldconfig)
6. Load, compiled and entered in the httpd.conf the sample-Websnap-Project "DumpModulesApache"
7. "apachectl start"

Response: "Speicherzugriffsfehler" (memory access violation).

Second Step:

1. called "locale" which was de_DE
2. set locale to en_US
3. compiled the project

Response "Segmentation fault"

Third Step:

1. deinstalled Kylix
2. got Kylix 3 Ent. trial-version and installed it
4. compiled Apache again and installed and configred it (see above)
5. loaded and compiled the sample project

Response "Segmentation fault"


1. locales are en_US (everywhere)
2. It's the english Kylix-Version.
3. Apache has been compiled and installed in the ENGLISH locale-Settings

R. H. at 4/14/2003 1:16:37 AM -
Test on Debian Woody:

1. Installed Debian Woody with X-Window and KDE packages, using tasksel (-> no special "detailled" package-selection), _ONLY_ locale chosen is en_US, nothing else
2. Performing security update, date 10th of April
3. Installing Kylix 3 Ent. Trial English
4. Need to install Athena XWidgets library (stable tree) as Kylix requested it
5. Making sure that Borland-libraries (bpl*) are found on the system
6. Compiling Apache 1.3.27 with DSO-support and installing it
7. Opening WebSnap-example-project "DumpModulesApache", and building it
8. Changing httpd.conf to load the module
9. Trying to start Apache


"Segemtation fault"

If it looks like that there's just a raw system used by me to perform the test I have to say: it's intended. It is intended to give you the chance to reproduce the bug in the USA where you, the developer reside. So when you install a Debian for testing please go the fastest and simplest way when installing it, that was what I did.

If anyone out there is working on that confirmed bug I'd be very, very interested in any news! Our company really wants to use that DSO-functionality and we need it the "DSO-way", i.e. CGI doesn't do the trick in out case. So I'd be very happy if one at Borland-USA spent time to make a significant part of your software running.

Thanks in advance,

Ruediger Haegele,

Matthias Thoma at 4/18/2003 5:44:51 AM -
Works fine for me on Apache 1.3.23 -  seems to be broken on later versions.

Jochen Staerk at 4/20/2003 1:20:18 AM -
Hi Mathias,

Does not work for me on Apache 1.3.23 or Apache 1.3.20 either:
-got apache
-configured it as in the manual
-removed /usr/local/apache
-make and make install of apache
-deleted old libProject2
-re-compiled libproject2 to stick to the new and the include files
-changed httpd.conf
-tried to start and
-got a segmentation fault.

I did the same steps for 1.3.20 which is used in the manual with the same result.


R. H. at 4/23/2003 4:36:53 AM -
Hi all,

actually I should try it out with Apache 1.3.23 but as I have to consider security issues which have been solved on the way to Apache 1.3.27 I just have to say "NO".

Aren't there any news from Borland USA?

A DSO which I can't run with the most recent version of Apache is worth NOTHING. I don't need any phantasy to imagine what a script-kid does first when it figures out the version of my Apache serving websites to the "open internet" (how many exploits the script-kid can choose from???).

Borland has to be up to date here, latest 2 weeks after publishing a new Apache-version the certification of Borland must be done.

Is there any responsible Borland-employee out there who could give us a short statement about the state of this bug?

As we are still trying to evaluate the Websnap stuff you can imagine how our decision about using Kylix (or rather Borland products at all) will be if nothing happenes here soon.

Thanks in advance,

Ruediger Haegele.

Matthias Thoma at 4/23/2003 6:41:59 AM -
R. H. said - "actually I should try it out with Apache 1.3.23 but as I have to consider security issues which have been solved on the way to Apache 1.3.27 I just have to say "NO".

Aren't there any news from Borland USA?"

Do not know of any news from Borland USA, but my news are that it I manged it to get it working on Apache 1.3.27 (compiled with pthread and DSO support) as well.

Jochen Staerk at 4/27/2003 12:42:32 AM -
Mathias, would you be so kind to post a step-by-step how you did this?

If you don't mind you could also mail it to me (


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