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Report #:  48394   Status: Closed
Bad dependency on packages with a dot in filename
Project:  Delphi Build #:  11.0.2709.7128
Version:    11.0 Submitted By:   Istvan Agoston
Report Type:  Basic functionality failure Date Reported:  7/2/2007 10:09:25 AM
Severity:    Critical / Show Stopper Last Updated: 3/20/2012 2:24:39 AM
Platform:    All platforms Internal Tracking #:   264847
Resolution: Fixed (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : 12.0.3105.14660
Duplicate of:  None
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2.00 out of 5
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if building with runtime packages, and the package has a dot separated name, the compiler/linker produces an invalid dependency
for a filename Dot.Name.Package.bpl the resulting dependency is Dot.Name.bpl
this is also true for all packages/dlls using the '' package
Steps to Reproduce:
create a package that has a name like:
build another package or an app that uses the first package
the resulting executable will have an invalid dependency on Dot.Name.bpl
current workaround is to append .bpl (or anything else) to the package name


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