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Report #:  80696   Status: Reported
The find (CTRL-F/F3) stops working after a while
Project:  Delphi Build #:  14.0.3593.25826
Version:    14.0 Submitted By:   Detlef Rattunde
Report Type:  Basic functionality failure Date Reported:  12/28/2009 10:59:02 AM
Severity:    Commonly encountered problem Last Updated: 1/5/2010 1:30:28 PM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:  
Resolution: None  Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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I hit CTRL-F to find some text. After a while the "find next" (F3 key) stops working although there is still some text to find. If I use the "blue arrows" (by clicking on them), the find indeed continues. But the F3 key is "dead".
Steps to Reproduce:
I hit CTRL-F to find some text. After a while the "find next" (F3 key) stops working although there is still some text to find. If I use the "blue arrows" (by clicking on them), the find indeed continues. But the F3 key is "dead".

Paul Hughes at 1/3/2010 5:27:46 AM -
I've found this too.
It happens especially if you have switched to view a form as text and searched in there (F3) for the same text as you were searching for in the unit code window.

Iulian Chitan at 1/5/2010 12:26:43 AM -
Can you give me some specific steps to reproduce it?

Detlef Rattunde at 1/5/2010 2:13:43 AM -
I bump into the problem at almost every Delphi session and I haven't figured out yet WHEN it happens. Usually after 1 hour of work the "find" stalls on me. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It's really hard to tell WHEN. Whenever I tried to reproduce it, the "find" works... but only to stall sometime later. Probably some weird memory leak ?!?

Iulian Chitan at 1/5/2010 5:19:24 AM -
Ok, thanks for your information. I will address it further, but without some specific steps i think founding a fix for this will be really difficult.

Detlef Rattunde at 1/5/2010 7:50:52 AM -
I wish I could be more specific. I'll be back as soon as I can reproduce it. It seems that Paul has the same problem. But I can't reproduce his way of getting the stall !

Iulian Chitan at 1/5/2010 8:34:11 AM -
It could be a problem of code editor loosing focus is what dev suggested.. When F3 stalls, could you give a click into code editor then press F3. If this is the problem, maybe you used Alt-Tab to switch to a different application between pressing F3, or maybe there is an third-party add-on installed that may be grabbing focus. Can you tell me what desktop layout are you using?

-- I tried to reproduce the way Paul suggested and had no success also.

Detlef Rattunde at 1/7/2010 7:02:44 AM -
I just had a stall ! Only after 10 minutes into the Delphi session. I was switching between code windows when  F3 stopped working. I searched 3 code windows for the same text and then I got the stall. I was able to get out of the stall by clicking into the code window about 10 times. Then F3 worked again. I can remember that I have kind of the same problem after opening in the IE. Sometimes I can enter the search text only after about 3 clicks into the edit field.

Detlef Rattunde at 1/6/2010 12:47:06 AM -
I just thought of something... I have this other report (#80695) and I think, that's more important to fix. Maybe we should close this report (#80696) for now, then wait for the fix and address the problem of the "stalled F3" again after the fix. Good plan ?

Detlef Rattunde at 1/5/2010 1:58:52 PM -
I use my "own" little desktop layout (I attached a screen shot). The funny thing is that I had no stall today. I also did some Alt-Tab and the "find"/F3 worked fine.

Sysmo Sistemas at 4/9/2013 12:49:28 PM -
I'm having this problem too. Any solution planned for this decade?

Dev Dev at 10/3/2013 10:31:56 PM -
I get this a lot.

Just about every time I press Alt-F12 to edit a form as text.

Interesting, replace still works.

I use the blue down arrow, then F3 after that.

Is frustrating though, and wastes time as I keep forgetting it doesn't work in the mode.

I'm using XE4.

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