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Report #:  9179   Status: Reported
Inconsistent hints for paths
Project:  C++BuilderX/BC++ 2005 Build #:
Version:    1.0 Submitted By:   Stewart Gaskell
Report Type:  Minor failure / Design problem Date Reported:  9/29/2004 2:15:45 PM
Severity:    Commonly encountered problem Last Updated: 9/30/2004 4:39:11 PM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:  
Resolution: None  Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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Sorry, this is a very minor (micro) issue but here goes...
The path seperator for hints is not consistent.
If you open a project, open a file, and click on the history tab the hint when the cursor is hovering over the IDE tab displays the path using "/" e.g. "C:/Projects/Main.cpp".
But if you place the mouse on the first pane of the IDE status bar (where the name is displayed)
the hint will say "C:\projects\Main.cpp".
Minor point...
Steps to Reproduce:
1) Open project Samples\Welcome\Welcome.cbx
2) Open the file main.cpp (if it isn't already)
3) Click on the History tab
4) Hover the mouse over the bottom status bar where "main.cpp" is displayed
5) Note the hint text is "C:\CBuilderX\samples\welcome\HelloWorld\main.cpp"
6) Hover the mouse over the "main.cpp" tab
7) Note the hint text is "C:/CBuilderX/samples/welcome/HelloWorld/main.cpp"

Stewart Gaskell at 9/30/2004 3:33:41 PM -
The severity of this bug report is clearly wrong (sorry).
Unfortunately using the web client I cannot edit my own bug report.
I will report a bug about the web client, and try to amend the severity of this bug via different means.


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