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Report From: Delphi for PHP/IDE/Form Designer    [ Add a report in this area ]  
Report #:  99424   Status: Reported
Smarty templates not handled correctly
Project:  HTML5 Builder Build #:
Version:    4.0 Submitted By:   UMBERTO MASOTTI
Report Type:  Issue Date Reported:  9/29/2011 1:26:23 AM
Severity:    Infrequently encountered problem Last Updated: 10/6/2011 12:31:16 AM
Platform:    All versions Internal Tracking #:  
Resolution: None (Resolution Comments) Resolved in Build: : None
Duplicate of:  None
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Opening any smarty template (*.tpl) goes directly in Design mode, crashing content of the file (i.e. adding a lot of unneeded html tags and/or removing smarty tags and so on).

Suggestion is to add a check in Tools->Options, Editor Options->Source options to disable Design mode for a selected extension (and obviously remove tpl extension from HTML set)
Steps to Reproduce:
1) See attached Wink capture in SmartyIDE(.htm+.js+.swf).
2) Diff on container_stud.tpl and container_stud_after.tpl

Sometimes happens even worse effects: all file is reset to a blank html page directly after opening.
Adding TPL as new editor tag and removing from html list doesn't help at all.

Tomohiro Takahashi at 9/29/2011 5:39:55 AM -
> Opening any smarty template (*.tpl) goes directly in Design mode, ...
Could you tell us more detailed [Steps] to confirm your issue?

UMBERTO MASOTTI at 9/30/2011 10:30:17 AM -
Note: smarty is used in a project that doesn't use VCL.

UMBERTO MASOTTI at 9/30/2011 11:55:18 PM -
Another note, and this should be another ticket, IDE doesn't respect configuration of Tools->Options->Editor Options->Source option.
Try this:
In the configuration Tab for source option,
1 - select: Source File Type -> HTML
2 - remove from Extension the "tpl" extension
3 - save clicking OK and reopen Tools->Options...
4 - In Source option click "New" button
5 - Insert a new "SMARTY" source file type
6 - Select "Syntax Hilighter" as Javascript
7 - Click "OK" to save
8 - Open a smarty template file
9 - File is opened in HTML DESIGN MODE

why? it's declared JAVASCRIPT!
Have you ever designed Javascript?
Seems that IDE first try to interpret what source contain to select between Code and Design mode, then only when Code selected apply syntax hilighter. But if Hilighter is not HTML or doesn't exist .xml.php, design mode should be completely ignored.

Tomohiro Takahashi at 10/1/2011 3:55:33 AM -
> Another note, and this should be another ticket, ...
Please put new QC report about it.

UMBERTO MASOTTI at 10/2/2011 2:48:43 PM -
Added as 99537

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